Ok, I feel like lately, this blog is turning into a cry-for-help, in that…I cannot stop making all the bad-for-you desserts that we’re supposed to avoid!  And, it’s ten-zillion times worse when I make it, and it stays in my house for me and the family to eat, bc I don’t know about you, but that generally means that the kids will have some, E might have one piece or so, and yea, the rest is mine by default.  Gross.

Still, seeing (and drooling over) a fudge recipe on Pinterest is a sure-fire recipe for bathing suit-season disaster.  But, thankfully, that dreaded season is still months away, so bring on the homemade fudge! 😉

So, this truly couldn’t be easier- melt chocolate chips w/condensed milk and a dash of salt; remove from heat and add in some vanilla extract.  Tada, fudge.

I’m pretty suspicious, so we’ll see- but the best part of this “we’ll see” is that the fudge has to cool for about 2 hrs, bringing it well past the kids bedtime.  Oh well, guess I’ll have to be the taste-tester this time! 😉

Be back in a bit!


So…my “I’ll be back” turned into two years– sorry! 😉

This was a tricky recipe bc it seemed to change dramatically w/temperature.  Initially from the fridge, it tasted good but seemed like I had just put chocolate frosting in the fridge; it wasn’t “fudge-y,” just chocolately and sweet.  However, after the ride to my parents house (about an hour and a half), I tried it again, and it was GREAT- even the consistency was perfect.  But then…later that night, out of the fridge for a few hours, the vanilla seemed so overpowering and actually kinda gross.

So, if you know just when you’d like to serve this (down to the hour!), this is a great recipe, especially bc it’s crazy-easy!  But, it’s really difficult to judge how it’ll turn out over time, so I may just keep on searching for a fudge recipe! 🙂


These just looked too fun not to make- even though I’m not really a s’mores fan (it’s the marshmellows).  I’m a cute-dessert fan, and a chocolate fan, and…well, the kids thought this was a fun project, especially as it meant they got sweets before bed.

I broke a graham cracker in half, then cut a large marshmellow in half and stuck it sticky-side down to the cracker (oh, and please ignore the ugliest cookie sheet ever- the “good” ones were in the dishwasher!).

Then, into the broiler (on low) they went for literally two minutes- keep an eye on them bc one minute they’re fine, the next, burning.  Once you see a bit of brown, turn the pan- I had to, bc the marshmellows in the back weren’t browning, while the others were nearly burnt.

Then, once everything seems as dark as you’d like, take ’em out and pop on a Hershey kiss- three minutes tops from start to finish, and how cute is this?

The kids really loved this project- although a few of the s’mores ended up losing their kisses 🙂

And, being too little for s’mores doesn’t mean that you miss out on dessert- you just get a giant marshmellow to drool over!

E “customized” his s’mores…by adding French vanilla ice cream and some strawberries…yum:

Definitely a fun treat- and, for three minutes of prep time, totally worth it!