Wait, let me guess- that superweird title drew you in? ūüėČ

I found a salmon¬†recipe the other night in my Real Simple magazine (where else, honestly?), and was all set to make it tonight when I realized…it called for real maple syrup, and we had it- but, apparently someone must have used it all. ¬†Oh well. ¬†The recipe was for a maple-glazed salmon, so I went online for new salmon recipes, and chose this one¬†from Epicurious.com, bc it’s a sweet-ish one that seemed similar to the maple syrup recipe- it uses brown sugar.

But first, the roasted Brussels sprouts w/red onion:  this was in the Real Simple recipe, and was the most easy thing to make.  And, it looked gorgeous, and tasted great- definitely planning to save this side!

Cut up one red onion into big chunks and toss w/about a pound of halved Brussels sprouts in 2 T olive oil.  Season w/salt and pepper, and add to a baking sheet- roast for 15-20 minutes, turning once:

How pretty is this?

Still looks great after roasting!

When this was in the oven, I started on the salmon.  First, mix the marinade (white wine, butter, Old Bay) and pour it over the salmon; then bake it for about 15 minutes:

Anything's better w/loads of butter!

Then, add the mustard/brown sugar glaze, and bake for another few minutes:

Gotta tell you, I was totally scared at this point! My poor salmon!

The result- surprisingly delicious salmon!  I was pretty skeptical about pouring mustard and brown sugar on yummy-looking salmon, but did it anyway, and wow- this was sooooo good!  After the first bite, E was raving about how good this was- and, he rarely goes on about salmon!  Last-minute salmon recipe=huge success!

Omgoodness, you need to make this!

I can’t even tell you how good this meal was- HIGHLY recommended! ūüôā


Another¬†recipe from the recently-purchased Martha cookbook…and this was really good! ¬†And easy. ¬†It may have just been really delicious lamb chops from our CSA, or the recipe, or both, but wow- even the leftovers were mouth-watering. ¬†Clearly, this is one recipe we’ll be using over and over again!

Some shots to tempt you:

Oh, this wasn’t part of the Martha recipe, but just something I tossed in bc…well, the beets were going bad- had to use ’em! ¬†I roasted them, and wow, sooo good! ¬†They were so much better than boiled beets- wow, just yum. ¬†I found a¬†video on how-to, bc I was thinking of roasting them like potatoes, just in a Pyrex, but I didn’t wanna burn them.

First, I scrubbed them, then put them into a foil “bowl”, added a bit of olive oil- enough to coat them. ¬†After, I closed up the foil, and roasted them for about an hr at 425. ¬†Tada, yummy beets!

Once they were roasted, I put them in a bowl of cold water- it helps the skin come off easily.

And voila, a really tasty dinner- seriously, all of this was just so good! ¬†Definitely planning to make it again! ¬†(Oh, and I know the beets look pretty disgusting on this plate, just giant blobs, but once I cut ’em up, my plate was SO bright pink, it looked just nuts. ¬†I probably could have just put a few beet slices here, but…I didn’t!)

Lamb chops, roasted beets, Brussels sprouts, and brown rice ūüôā