We bought these cobs when we bought our pumpkins (just about at Halloween), and we told to keep them for at least a month, bc you want them to dry out completely.  I know that I kept them too long, but just wanted to make sure- and also, I was kinda scared.  I didn’t wanna ruin them!

Anyway, tonight, after a seemingly rash move, I just tossed ’em into a paper bag, and threw them into the microwave- I was tired of waiting (especially now that it’s past TWO months!), and just wanted to see if this would actually pop on the cob.  PS- it totally did! 🙂

Into the microwave for 1 minute, 20:

Still stuck to the cob- omgoodness, so fun!

Amazing!  If you ever see these corn cobs in the fall, you should totally buy them- so fun!  The kids were really excited! 🙂  It actually tasted great- I don’t know why I felt like it wouldn’t, but wow- yum!