I don’t consider myself a baker in any way, shape, or form, but even I manage to run through a few bottles of vanilla extract every month.  In my defense, the bottles are usually pretty little, and after making waffles and a banana bread or something, it’s pretty much tapped-out.  And, they’re kinda pricey, right?   I think they are- but who knew how easy this stuff was to make at home?  Omgoodness, I wish I had thought to try to make this before, bc seriously, so easy!

I found this recipe in “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter” while we were on vacation, and immediately ordered some vanilla beans from Amazon.com.  Once we were back home, I bought a (really) cheap bottle of vodka- tada, shopping list for this recipe is complete!

So, you begin by slicing 9 vanilla beans open length-wise, scraping out the seeds…which are really just a gooey mess inside the pod.  Smells great though!  Add seeds and pods to a jar (w/a lid).  Once you’re done w/the beans, pour 1 and a half cups of vodka over the beans, and seal up the jar.  Shake it pretty well, and store for…three months.  The recipe said to “agitate” the jar every now and then, too.  That’s the only bad part about this- it takes awhile before it’s ready to use.

That’s it!  It took about five minutes from start to finish, and makes LOADS of vanilla extract.  I bought a pack of 27 beans, so I can make two more batches- I still have half a bottle of vodka, too, so I can make one more full batch before having to buy anything else.

Cannot wait to see how this goes! 🙂