Another “special request” from the 2012 Challenge (thanks, Rebekah!)- and, as luck would have it, I just came across a recipe for almond milk!  I have to say that I was kinda scared about this challenge, too, bc I had no idea where to start but…wow, this could not seem any easier to make!  Seriously, it’s two ingredients (one of which is water), and it involves soaking.  Then a blender.  Um, yea, I couldn’t be more excited to try this now!

You’ll need:  one cup almonds, two cups water.  Let the almonds soak for 2-8 hrs (I’m going w/eight), then strain, rinse well, and add to the blender w/3 cups of water.  Blend for about a minute, until the almonds are broken down.  Strain the milk through a fine-mesh strainer, and store in the fridge for up to 4 days.

Anyway, we’re still in the soaking stage, but this should be ready for “milking” later tonight- check back for an update!


All done!  This was truly the easiest thing ever- as are most recipes that involve “soaking” as the most important step!  The water practically did all the work for me! 😉

So, I strained and rinsed the almonds, and tossed ’em in the blender w/more water.  Then…blend!  After that, I poured the mix through a strainer, and…tada, almond milk!

The only difference (obviously) from store-bought milk is that…they must add sweeteners bc it’s kinda bland.  Almond-y, but bland.  I’m not a huge fan of almond milk, so that may just be it.  But, if you’re interested, definitely worth making- it was actually kinda fun! 🙂

(Oh, sorry about using ‘miniature’ feature- I just really like the colors that feature makes.  But, that one picture looks like I’m practically filling up a thimble, and this made about 3 cups, so…again, sorry!)

* Quick question for anyone who’s made almond milk before:  Do you use the pulp afterwards for anything?  I was looking online for recipes, but many of them needed a dehydrator…So, just wondering! *