So, I bought a butternut squash from our Buying Club the week before Christmas, obviously w/the intention of using it.   Who knew that the week before Christmas is a busy time, when one most likely does not explore new recipes?  Sad to say, we went away for the week, w/said squash in our fridge, only to return to moldy squash- don’t they usually stay fresh for awhile?  Oh well…

That being said, I felt the longing to suddenly use a squash this week (to mourn the needless death of the last one), so I got one from Wegman’s today- and promptly put it to good use.  Had to, right?

I found a good recipe online for a squash/potato mash side, and went w/it.  I had nearly all the ingredients- apart from sour cream, which I subbed w/milk.  Seems good enough- and, smells great.  Just waiting for the roasted chicken, and I’ll let you know how it went!

Photo-dump style:

And, I realize that so far as flavors as concerned, one might not generally serve Brussels sprouts w/roasted chicken, but…I figure that if this is the only meal (or, most likely the only meal) where we’ll all eat veggies, I may as well stuff whatever veggies I have lying around into each and every meal.  Therefore, we have one weird veggie side at every meal- weird being that it might not be a complimentary flavor.  It’s just “veggie.”  For tonight’s dinner, apart from the potato/squash mash, we have Brussels sprouts, green beans, and carrots, in one pot- yum!

After the first bite of the squash/potato side, E said it was “really good, not too over-seasoned either”…high praise, indeed!  Hey, I’ll take what I can get… 😉  Anyway, it has the flavor of the squash, w/the texture of mashed potatoes, w/just a hint of thyme…really good!

Definitely worth it!