It’s almost the 2nd anniversary of this blog- and…I’m getting anxious for a new challenge.  I’ve in no way, shape, or form completed any sort of list where I suddenly feel like I could cook anything (far from it!), but I’ve kinda come to the end of my own personal list…which was admittedly rather short!  I just wanted to be able to try new things w/out fear, and I think I’ve accomplished that at least- honestly, I’ll keep the beef stock post in my mind forever: “remember when I bought beef BONES and made stock w/’em?”  Yea, I’ll live on that high bc I’ll always remember that I started out as the newlywed who was bested by a BOX of mac and cheese!  But, that’d be a boring thing to constantly blog about!

So…we’ll be away for the entire week after Christmas- we leave on the 26th.  I think I’ll use this time to work on loads of project-prep, among them being a new list of challenges to work through this year.  There are LOADS of things that I’d love to make, thanks to “Make the Bread, Buy the Butter.”  (Wow, that book will change your life, you need to get it!)

But, as readers, what kind of things are YOU interested in?  I think we all have those things that we might like to try to make, things that sound crazy, or things you’d just generally like to see me fail at bc they’re impossible/hilarious to make…I guess I’m just saying that I’m open to suggestions this time of year, and truly would love them.  I want you to challenge me w/crazy things bc…well, isn’t that more fun than me just popping on to and pulling out a dinner recipe?  (Ah, I love you, RealSimple!)

I’m planning to restart in January w/a (hopefully) refreshed spirit about cooking and time-management.  Whew, three little kids, school and activities schedules, AND Christmas…it’s been a lot lately!  But, we’re nearly in the clear-  I seriously ask you to consider coming up w/a challenge for me for 2012.  I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll manage to get to it until this time next year- I have to work up my nerve for some things- but I’m going to promise to work on all things suggested.  I have LOADS of new things to add to my own personal “to-do” list, and I’ll post those soon (on vacation next week, most likely).

Thanks so much for following this journey/weird hobby.  I couldn’t be happier to have started it! 🙂