I know that I ordered leeks for a reason when I made our last CSA order; I’m sure of it.

I mean, I must have had a plan, right?  Well, I may have, but since we have to order two weeks in advance, I totally forgot what I wanted to do w/leeks!  So, off to AllRecipes.com to see what to do…I also had loads of potatoes, too, so this recipe just worked out perfectly.

Right now, the potatoes are boiling in a few cups of chicken stock:


This is a great recipe bc there’s nothing I needed to buy special- well, that’s not true.  I mean, I didn’t have white potatoes, so my soup will be more yellow.  And, I don’t have white pepper, but will just grind our usual black pepper.  But, it didn’t call for anything that I really couldn’t substitute- like, lots called for sour cream or something.  You definitely need to buy the sour cream bc I’m sure that’s important; there’s not really a substitute for that, right?  Maybe there is.  Anyway, what I’m getting at is that this is easy, once you have potatoes and leeks!  🙂

So, once tender, I put some of the potatoes in the blender in batches to puree w/a bit of the stock.  I had to keep adding in stock to this bc once I was done (and i left some of the potatoes whole bc I like the chunky-ness), it was almost like creamy mashed potatoes- sooo thick!

See what I mean?

Next, slice the leek(s) and saute w/butter and alittle white wine.  Then, toss that (w/even more stock, sheesh, too thick still!) back into the potato pot, and heat through.

All set!

I had just gone to the bakery this morning for sandwich rolls- which is why I’m eating this w/a hoagie roll instead of a baguette or something.  It’s just delicious!  I think, though, that you could do loads more w/this recipe…I may even add in chicken next time.

Anyway, give it a try- great for a chilly day! 🙂