Over the holiday weekend, I bought a(nother) Martha Stewart cookbook.  Bc I love them (and, it’s pretty).

And, bc a few people made fun of me for the purchase (“another cookbook?”), I’ve made a huge effort to immediately use it, just to prove them wrong.  So, here goes: herbed-tomato-soup!  😉

This is more of a photo-dump kind of post, mainly bc I made this a few days ago, and don’t remember the steps exactly.  But, the recipe is linked above, so check it out.  Also, I don’t have a food mill, so when it was all finished stewing, I poured the mix into a colander (where the juice stayed in a pot), and put only some small portions of the solids (the tomatoes, celery, etc) into the blender.  My “soup” is really chunky, so it’s more like…watery salsa (that sounds gross, but this wasn’t!)?  Anyway, it was great w/the crostini!

I scooped out the seeds before adding in the tomatoes


Definitely worth buying a giant bag of tomatoes for…or, if you’re smart, waiting til the summer when they’re cheaper.  Anyway, super-good!