Oh, special occasion desserts…you may work out just fine on a normal day, but the minute you know it’s a holiday, you go insane.  Fantastic.  Thanks.  It’s the year I get to bring a pie to Thanksgiving, and what do I get?  Crazy pie crust, that’s what- and, from a recipe I use all the time.  In fact, I’ve even done a pie POST featuring this recipe.  No more.  Today was a turning point- our life together is over.

This SECOND failed crust may or may not have (but definitely did) hit the wall by the trash…I don’t know, can’t confirm, I was blinded by rage:


So anyway, clearly, sometimes pie crust comes out ok/good on the first try, and other times…well, you might as well just start over bc endlessly screwing w/a piece of dough won’t make it suddenly turn into the piece of crust you want.  Seriously, chuck it and start over.  Save yourself.

(I’m guessing you can see where this Thanksgiving pie is going…if you guessed “into the trash”, you’d be close!)

On that note- if anyone has a RELIABLE pie crust recipe, I’d love to try it out.  Bc next time, I’m thinking Wegman’s ready-made pie crusts would be delicious.  They are.  I may totally cheat and use ’em bc they’re yum.

At any rate, long story short…after three attempts, plus a baby crying, PLUS a fight w/sleeping husband (seriously, sleeping while i’m baking a pie AND dealing w/the baby at 9pm??), here’s the apple pie, peacefully cooking away.  Eesh, is it Friday yet??  (Friday=Black Friday crazy shopping!)


Happy Thanksgiving! 😉