I posted this awhile back, and wanted to do an update post just bc…well, I think the recipe I used before isn’t good.  I mean, it included lots of sugar, and really, you shouldn’t need any- apples are sweet enough!

Anyway, I peeled and cut up about…12 apples this time to make a big batch, and tossed them in a pot w/about an inch or so of water. Not too much, you don’t want watery sauce.  Then, just simmer them, covered, for about an hour.  Well, I half-covered mine- I didn’t have the lid completely on, but had it placed crookedly on top of the pot to let a little heat out.  So, after that, I used a hand-mixer and mixed the softened apples into sauce- about 3 minutes, tops, of mixing.

So easy!  Just apples and water- and no added sugar!  Couldn’t be easier, or more healthy!

Anyway, thanks for reading!