I found this recipe on CooksIllustrated.com, a site I never really use…bc I’ve always been afraid of how “grown-up” the recipes seem.  Maybe it’s the pictures, who knows.  Anyway, I’ve felt intimidated by it, and have avoided it- until today.  Corn chowder just sounded really good to me, and if it came out horrible, I only ruined corn, right, not meat (which seems a lot worse to me).  So…here goes- corn chowder!

I think I’ve kinda put off this recipe bc it seemed a bit too…labor-intensive.  I mean, working on eight ears of corn?  Also, when I started in on it, I thought it might just be cutting the kernels from the corn, but oh no, it didn’t stop there!   Once you cut off the kernels, you have to remove the pulp from the cob…which you then squeeze for the juice.  Sheesh!  And, after all that work, I was left w/a right hand that looked like I’d been in a bar fight- honestly, using the back of a butter knife to extract pulp from a corn cob is pretty intense, and hurts, so I used a towel on the cutting side to cushion the knife.  Still, my knuckles kept hitting the cutting board as my hand would come down each time…eesh, this is a lot of work for chowder! 😉

Anyway, I started off w/frying onions and bacon (yum) w/spices…then, added in some flour:

After that, I added in five cups of water, along w/the corn kernels and potatoes:

Once the potatoes are tender (about 15 or so minutes), remove two cups of the chowder and puree it in a blender; then, add it back in, along w/one cup of half-n-half.  And then, all done!

This, along w/a tasty baguette, seems like the perfect way to celebrate the “end” of summer…the end of the summer sweet corn, and the start of fattening soups (that you can eat bc you’ll hide yourself in sweaters!) 😉