I don’t usually watch cooking shows, so I’m not sure what prompted me to watch “5 Ingredient Fix” awhile back, but at any rate, I’m happy that I did bc of this recipe.  It looked really good- and seemed like a healthy version to the meatloaf I currently make, since it uses ground turkey instead of ground beef.  I’ve never really used ground turkey before- anyway, should be good!

AND, another good thing about this recipe is that I’ll be able to use up loads of my slow-roasted tomatoes- more on that in a minute!

This recipe should be pretty easy, too, especially as it uses only five ingredients.  And, it’s meatloaf- most of the time is spent in the cooking, and not in prep.

Anyway, I mixed all the ingredients in a large bowl- including my slow-roasted tomatoes and garlic.  It was perfect, too, bc I had the exact amount needed for the recipe- oh, just the tomatoes.  I scooped the garlic out before pureeing it!

Now, I formed it into loaf, and it’ll be baking for about an hour- be back w/an update! 🙂

(Weird picture- doesn’t it look like it’s floating in the pan?  Crazy!)


Wow, looks really good!  Just topped it w/some of the puree instead of the ketchup that I’m used to using, and set it back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes.  Can’t wait to eat! 🙂


Aug. 22:

Haha…yea, glad I keep up w/this! 😉

Anyway, I ran out of time the night I cooked this, and only baked it- I never fried it, making it “twice-cooked,” so we just had regular ol’ meatloaf.  And, turkey meatloaf isn’t nearly as good as when you use ground beef.  I’m sure, though, that the frying part would have made it amazing- just ran out of time!

Definitely a good recipe to try, though!