Just a quick recipe from RealSimple.com- and, that’s actually all I can handle these days, quick recipes!  This one allegedly will be finished in 30 minutes, including hands-on time and cooking time.  Fantastic!  🙂

Start by adding together some weird ingredients- peppers, lemon, and thyme?  Hmm, I’m skeptical:

Then, add in the shrimp, tossed w/paprika and other seasonings, and roast until cooked/tender:

After, serve over rice- the recipe said to use long-grain, but all we had was white minute rice…I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Voila!  Just under 30 minutes!  Looks good…now for the taste-test:

So…hmm.  It’s kinda weird.  The shrimps and peppers are good, but the lemons, wow, remove them before eating!  I feel like their flavor on the meal is yummy, but the roasting has only made them more intense!  Meh, it’s not my favorite.

However, a good part about this recipe was that it’s just under 400 calories!