I don’t remember planting cherry tomatoes.  Ever.  We buy a few tomato plants from Home Depot every year, expecting normal-size tomatoes, yet somehow, our plants become tangled w/cherry tomato plants.  How??  I only ask bc I don’t really know what to do w/cherry tomatoes, especially the large numbers of tomatoes the plants produce- I can barely keep up w/the big tomatoes, let alone all the teeny ones, too!

Anyway, to try to use up some of these gorgeous little tomatoes, I Google-searched recipes, and found this one from a site that I’ve bookmarked lots of times, but have never actually cooked from yet.  She raves about how good slow-roasted tomatoes are, and honestly, her review got me wanting to try ’em out.  She writes:

If you’ve never made slow-roasted tomatoes before, prepare to have your mind blown because they’ve got very little to do with the aforementioned packaged variety [sun-dried tomatoes] in all of the best ways: they’re so flavorful that you might think you think someone snuck into your oven and doused them in both vinegar and salt, even if you did neither. They also have just the right level of moisture, dry on the outside with some juiciness left within–no rehydrating needed here. They can transform even those freakily perfect supermarket grape tomatoes into heaven on a plate, but if you manage to get your hands on the real deal from a greenmarket, well, I hope you’re sitting down when you pop the first one in your mouth.

So, here goes- and, I have loads of little testers to practice on!

After I washed the tomatoes, I cut them in half and added them to the baking sheet- along w/garlic.  Don’t really know how the garlic is supposed to factor-in, since it’s not even touching the tomatoes really, but we’ll see.  Then, everything gets lightly sprinkled w/olive oil and some seasonings (thyme, salt, pepper), and they’re all set to bake for the next three(ish) hours:

Smells soooo good! (Thank you, thyme!)

Anyway, be back in about three hours- can’t wait to see what happens!


Um, wow.  WOW.  These are super-good, and I’m guessing that this is the only way I’ll eat a cherry tomato ever again.  Amazing!!  I probably ate about 15 of these, and I don’t even normally like cherry tomatoes! 🙂  They were just so good right off the pan- they lost something once they cooled off; they were still tasty, but not as…delicious.  Wow, when warm- fantastic!  Couldn’t be happier that I tried this out!