Even though I’m sort-of on a break from cooking, I decided to try out a new recipe here and there anyway bc…well, we have to eat, might as well try new things while I’m at it!

This was on Yummly.com awhile ago, and looked good- it’s a roast chicken, so really, what could be bad here?  Anyway, now that I’m looking at the recipe, though, it seems kinda…fiddly, and I’m hoping that it’s not.  I don’t have that kind of time at present to be fiddling around w/ingredients.  So, we’ll see- here goes!

So, yea…kinda fiddly, mainly bc I thought my chicken was defrosted- it’s been in the fridge for two days, should have been!  Anyway, good thing I started this early!  It’s in a lukewarm bath right now, finishing up, and then I can get started…eesh.

Now then, all set- here’s the mix:

Then, you rub it under the skin…ew.  This is the grossest feeling, honestly- peeling something’s skin away from the muscles, and then rubbing in seasonings.  Yuck.  This better be worth it!

Oh, and then you fill the cavity w/a quartered onion- got to use up one of our homegrown onions from our garden!

Oops- “costume change”…the rack didn’t fit in my pan (forgot about that at the start!), so I pulled out the new (and unused) roasting pan w/rack:

All set for the oven!  Be back in about an hour and a half!


The chicken’s all roasted, and…well, the recipe indicated that there’d be drippings to use in the sauce.  And, mine had little/no drippings at all.  I’m guessing that this is bc I didn’t use a broiler pan, and that my drippings burned off.  Whatever.  It’ll be fine!  On w/the rest of the recipe!


Ok, so…I ran out of time, and decided not to try the sauce.  So, it’s basically just roast chicken w/spices under the skin- which, was delicious by the way.  Totally worth being grossed-out bc it was that good! 😉

Just a few shots of the finished product…before it was devoured:

Maybe sometime I’ll revisit this, and work on the sauce- or, maybe not.  It was yummy as-is, and a lot quicker to make! 😉