A lot of the things we’ve been eating this week are purely impulse-purchases…the gumbo was a huge one, and now this.  This certainly goes in the “huge” impulse category bc of the price- any tenderloin is not cheap, unless it’s a roast.  It’s not that that’s fine or anything, but it kinda can be justified when you realize that 2 pounds of meat, between two people, goes a long way- so, the price isn’t that bad.

Anyway, here we go!

I didn’t marinate the meat overnight, as the recipe said to, bc I read that you can turn tenderloin into mush by over-marinating it…so, I didn’t do that!  Also, after opening the pack of meat, I decided to use only 1-lb and freeze the other- this really looks like a lot of meat!  Makes me happy that we’ll get another meal from this, thus reducing the cost even further! 🙂

I mixed up the marinade into a bowl, and mixed the meat around in it.  Then, I put the meat into the baking dish, and poured the remaining marinade over it:

The marinade


Into the oven at 350-degrees.  Be back in another…40(ish) minutes!


So…that was a long 40-minutes! 😉

The meat ended up taking another 25+ minutes beyond the first 40, so we just barely had enough time to eat a few bites before running out to Bible Study.  So, I never got a chance to update.

Finally ready!

But wow, tenderloin is totally worth the extra cash every now and then- so good!!  It’s funny, we really just ate the meat part, bc I ran out of steam before making the sides, so…we just had a plate full of meat!

Looks a bit…well, not terribly appetizing in this picture, I think- and kinda like a big lobster tail!- but it was really, really good! 😉