Seems like we’ve been eating strawberries a lot recently, but hey, ’tis the season I guess!  They’re sooo delicious and perfect this time of year, you just have to use ’em in everything!

And, today is yet another excuse/chance to do so…in muffin form- and who wouldn’t like that?

I’ve used this recipe a lot before (I think I first discovered it back when we lived in Austin, around 2003!), and look forward to making these each year in the summertime bc they’re just so good.  The bits of fresh strawberries really make these muffins special- and, you can kinda feel like they’re healthy, too, considering that you’ll use yogurt, fresh fruit, and whole wheat flour! 😉

Let’s get started!

The flour-mix, the egg-mix, and the berries:

Muffins!  We’re headed to a book club meeting this morning, and are bringing these along- hope everything goes well, bc there’s no time for a re-do! 😉


All done!  I wet the tops (just barely, w/my basting brush) and sprinkled on some sugar- I didn’t have coarse sugar, which looks better, but just used plain white sugar:

Yum! 🙂