Thanks to pregsomnia keeping me up late last night, I found this recipe on my bookmarks bar!  I was going through the mess that are my bookmarks, some weird side effect of nesting I’m sure.  Anyway, I was transferring things to an online site called Springpad– I’ve been using this site to save recipes, bc they truly get lost in the clutter of the bookmarks bar.  It’s a free online…storage place, really, and you can organize thing you want to remember by product, recipe, event, or any way that you find it easy to remember/find later.  It’s soooo much more convenient and easy to find things now w/Springpad- highly recommended!

Anyway, I found this recipe among the mess, and am planning to make this tonight- not sure what we’ll have for dinner, but I know we’re definitely having a yummy cold drink!  (Also, I don’t know why I’m posting drinks all of a sudden…maybe bc it’s a billion degrees outside?)

I’ll be back later w/an update- especially as I can’t make it now w/out the lime juice!  Be back after a trip to the store! 🙂


Wow, I’m totally going to make this all the time- soooo good!!  The tartness of the lime, the sweet yumminess of the strawberries, mixed w/the ice into a delicious smoothie…wow, couldn’t be better!

Definitely something you should try!

All set to mix:

And, after mixing:

(PS- completely in love w/the new camera!!)