So, there’s still no camera- I’ve done loads of research, picked one, ordered it, and just got a confirmation that it shipped.  Hopefully it’ll get here soon!

But, until then, I’m going to post things that I’ve either already made but have never posted on, or things that I’ve tried (tasted) before, but have never made.  For instance, this punch “recipe“- I had this recently at a baby shower, and it’s super-good.  It includes just four ingredients, so I think that, even though I’ve never technically made it before, it might not be too tricky to make in the future, so I have no fear of posting it here! 🙂

Here’s the complete recipe, cut-and-pasted from

Super-good, and super-easy!  It’s a nice, refreshing punch, and looks nice w/the bits of fruit in it, too.  I’m really trying to come up w/fancy drinks to try out since the fun, alcoholic ones are still a little while away, and this one definitely fits the bill!

Enjoy! 🙂