Today, I’m using a recipe from This Week for Dinner, a fantastic food blog that I follow pretty regularly.  I love the way she (Jane) writes, and her pictures are amazing- oh, speaking of pictures, there won’t be any on here for today’s post.  Our camera died!  More on that later…

Anyway, for today, I’m planning to make pulled pork sandwiches, and honestly, couldn’t be more excited about this.  Pulled pork=yum.  YUM.  I’m going to start slow-cooking the meat pretty soon, and then will be back w/updates.  (Here’s hoping our camera troubles get resolved soon, bc…wow, the timing- I finally break the streak of no-posts, and when I come back, the camera dies!)

Just bc the total lack of pictures would make me crazy, I’m pasting her full recipe her- there’s a link above, but I feel the need to add in things that are more interesting to look at then simply my typing! 🙂  (And yes, I realize that this is also more “typing,” but at least it comes w/a fun pinkish background!)

Anyway, here’s the recipe:

And, a picture from Jane’s site- she’s the best!  I asked her if I could use it, and she’s so nice that she agreed right away!  Bc honestly, what’s worse than reading a food blog w/no pictures of the food?

(Used w/permission.  Copyright 2011  This Week for Dinner)

I have high hopes now- how good does this look?  🙂

So, right now, the meat is simmering away in the slow-cooker, and the yummy smells of the sauce are starting to fill the house.  Can’t wait to eat this!  I love the idea of slow-cooker meals…toss everything in one pot, and forget about it for the next few hours until you’re ready to eat- perfect!

Be back in…oh, about three more hours, w/an update!


So…wow, this is delicious!!  Soooo good!  Wow, I’m so glad that I made this- totally fulfilled the meat cravings I’ve been having! 🙂  For more yummy recipes like this, check out This Week for Dinner– seriously, you’ll love it!

Oh- E’s cousin is over right now, enjoying our fantastic dinner, and she has an iPhone.  (Some people are sooo cool…).  Anyway, she took pictures of our version of the meal, which made me so happy- it turned out great!  (Oh, how sad is it that her phone takes better pictures than our camera ever did??)