So, it’s clearly no surprise that I’ve taken a crazy amount of time to post something new- I mean, the last post was what, back in the beginning of May??  I have two things to blame for this- 1) being 36 weeks pregnant, and 2) having two kids under 4.  Krikey, it’s exhausting!  I used to cook while the kids were napping, but now…I nap, too.

However, lest I fall back into the same boring routine of tacos, spaghetti, and whatever else easy I can manage to cook, I’m sitting here now planning out a menu- something I haven’t done since April, I’d say.  And, it looks delicious- I’m actually excited about trying to start things back up again- right before the baby comes, and I slam on the “no-cooking” brakes again for awhile! 😉

So, starting tomorrow, there will be a new recipe/meal post!

Thanks for checking in- there are a few of you that are still loyal, despite my unintended hiatus, and I really appreciate it! 🙂