We rarely have pork chops- not really sure why not, bc they’re good- but I ordered these awhile ago from our Buying Club, and just decided that tonight felt like a pork-chop kind of night.

Also, this breaded pork chop recipe from AllRecipes.com kinda swayed me- anything breaded is pretty great, right? 😉

So, I just dipped the pork chops in the egg/bread mix, then the bread crumb/Parmesan mix, and now they’re browning in a pan.  The recipe said to use an oven-safe skillet, bc you could just put everything in the oven once the meat has browned, but I don’t have a fancy skillet- just two that I’m sure will burn right up if I put ’em in the oven!  So, I’m going to brown the pork chops, and then just transfer them to a pan to cook.  Also- I didn’t have any bread crumbs on-hand (weird), but I oddly had Panko bread crumbs- yum!- which is why my breading will look a bit more…intense, bc of the larger chunks.

These are also some of the biggest pork chops ever- really thick!  I’m hoping to get a few meals out of them- maybe dinner tonight, some lunch tomorrow, and I think even another meal beyond that.  It’s helpful that the recipe said to cook them to a particular internal temperature- that will be a good guide, considering I’m using gigantic chops.  Probably should have thinned them…oh well!

Now they’re ready for the oven:

Be back in about…25 minutes w/an update!


Well, due to the fact that my chops were giant, they took a bit longer to reach 160-degrees…about 4o minutes instead of 25.  Anyway, they were totally worth that extra wait- soooo good!  I sliced it the meat for our dinner, and wow, we still have lots of leftovers!

This is a great recipe bc it’s easy, the ingredients are things I usually have on-hand, and the meat was really tender, thanks to the slow(ish) cooking.

Yum!  Totally making this again!