To celebrate Cinco de Mayo (what’s this holiday, anyway?) and in honor of breaking the super-long hiatus from cooking/posting, I’m attempting to make Tres Leches.  This is genuinely a challenge, as I am fairly bad at baking, and this has a few steps- and it seems like it can go horribly horribly wrong when you add the milk layers!  So, we’ll see!

This was a recipe from I totally fell for the 4.5-star rating, and the fact that it said that 610 people had rated it. Sounds like pretty good odds for success, right?

So, I started off by making the actual cake part.  There’s not too many pictures, bc it’s really just a butter/egg mix w/a flour mix added to it, then both mixes are poured into a pan to bake.  Nothing too exciting:

All set for the oven...

...and, 30-minutes later, all baked!

Now, the cake has baked, and I’m just waiting for it to cool before adding the milk.  While I wait, I just have to ask…what is condensed milk??  It’s horrible, really.  Thick, gooey “milk” that smells almost like baby formula.  Wow, yum.  (Eesh).


So, it’s all done, I guess, and is chilling in the fridge.  I was sooooo scared about pouring the milk mix on to the cake!  E had to take the mixing bowl from me and do it bc I just felt like this was the moment that everything was going to go wrong!  😉  However, it’s all done now, and after scooping his finger around the emptied bowl, E said “wow, this is good- it even tastes like tres leches.”  Well, that’s the idea!  I’m a bit worried, though, bc the cake came out lopsided- I think it’s our oven?  So, most of the milk is settling on one side of the cake…we’ll see!

Update in a bit!


So…after a bit of chilling/milk absorbing, it’s amazing!  I can’t believe that all that milk really soaked into the cake, but it did!  I just wish I had used a smaller pan, bc now I have loads of it, but wow, I’m impressed! 🙂

Oh, it looked a bit frothy bc I had really whipped the last batch of milk!

* Also, we got new dishes!  No more etched glass dishes, or weird floral patterns! 😉  Only took us 8 1/2 years to get new dishes, but we finally did it!  I really like the “blank slate,” the white background for the food.