Just a quick post about some new things I got this week for the kitchen, well, not just this week, but had ordered recently.  It’s fun, buying things from flash-boutique sites bc they usually take forever to ship, so you’ve nearly forgotten about the things you ordered until they magically just show up one day!  (Is that fun?)

Anyway, I had intended to get a roasting pan at some point, mainly bc I don’t really have one.  I have a Pyrex pan, but I wanted the big roaster- sometimes I feel like my Pyrex isn’t going to hold all that I might try to jam into it, whether it’s just the broth spilling over, or the veggies falling out.

So, first up: the roasting pan.  I had a credit at a flash-boutique site called Ideeli.com (so fun, btw!), and was just hanging on to it until I saw something worth-while.  Well, they had a KitchenAid sale a few weeks ago, and what more could I ask for?  That’s totally worth it! 🙂  So, w/credit in hand, I ordered a new roasting pan (w/rack and lid) and a new cutting board- all covered by my credit, so I only paid for shipping!  Can’t beat that!

It’s actually much bigger than I thought it’d be, and allegedly can be used to roast up to a 24-lb turkey!  Krikey!  This is definitely something I’m considering an “investment,” bc it’s good quality, and will be something more useful down the road w/our growing family.  (I mean, seriously, when now will I need to cook a 24-lb turkey?)  Also, silly side note: it matches the KitchenAid food processor I got not too long ago- nice to have things match! 🙂  Oh, also nice about the cutting board- I know that I just got a new one not long ago, but…well, after catching E just in the knick of time about to use it for melting/cutting acrylic lines for the boat, I’m happy to have a few spares lying around!  (Why would you use the nice cutting board when we have two dilapidated glass ones that would be perfect for weird projects??  Oh well…)

Now, next up: the compost keeper.  I started looking for one of these awhile ago, last year, I think, when we first got our garden plot.  They always seemed kinda expensive, though- I mean, I saw loads of them for about $50!  It’s a jar w/holes in the lid!  So, I stashed the idea…until I saw a pretty good sale on Williams-Sonoma (weird that this store would have the cheapest option!), where it was less than half of the price I’d seen previously.  So, I ordered it– a one-gallon white ceramic jar w/a charcoal filter in the lid to prevent bad smells!- and it just came yesterday!  (Quick side note: can you tell that I love online-shopping??)  I’ve already started filling it up- it’s amazing, really, how much fresh food we throw away on a daily basis that will now go to our garden’s big compost bin.  I mean, I cut up strawberries for the kids lunch- tops went in the bin; then, they had apples w/dinner- peels and core went in the bin; coffee grounds from this morning also went in the bin.  And, that’s just one day!  On the days I make homemade fries for the kids, this little thing will be filled up almost immediately!

Anyway- just a little peek into our now over-crowded kitchen!  E was funny about the compost keeper, saying that he was more amused than excited about it- rude!  However, I think he liked the idea, saying that we should probably contribute to the garden’s compost since we’ve had no trouble using their compost w/out adding anything in- oops!

At any rate- so excited to start feeling better, and to start cooking again!