We’re all dealing w/a pretty bad…well, mystery illness over here- at first, we thought the boy just had a bad cold.  Then, maybe an ear infection.  After a few days…he was magically better, but had a lingering cough that sounded terrible.  Gradually, though, the rest of us started getting sick, but w/different or varying symptoms- ladybug’s got the congestion but also a steady, low-grade fever; E had similar symptoms.  I definitely had congestion and aches but no fever, and then I took the more dramatic route and got a really painful sinus infection.  (It’s been a blast around here for the past two weeks!)

So, all that to say that I will not be posting anything new until 1) we’re all recovered, and 2) I can taste things again! 😉

I’ll keep you all posted- thanks for reading!