This is going to be a post w/few words- what words do you need, really, when there’s a yummy dessert-for-breakfast recipe? 😉  I saw this one on Yummly again (thanks to their posts in my Facebook newsfeed), and saved it for today- we’re leaving soon for a family wedding, and will be away all weekend.  This seemed like the perfect, getting-ready-to-celebrate breakfast! 🙂

I just put it in the oven, and it’ll be cooking for 45-50 minutes…be back!


Hahahahah, so, I may have had good intentions of updating this post before we left, but…as we started packing/cleaning up/getting everyone dressed, the food blog just completely left my mind- and, this post was left hanging all weekend!  Sorry! 😉

Here are the updated pictures you’ve all been waiting for:

This was super-good, too- also, it looked really good.  The swirls were all throughout, not just lying in straight layers like I thought they might- each slice looked great!

Definitely something you should try- very easy, and totally worth it!