I know that this really isn’t the type of meal you’d expect on a day like this- a day in the high 70s/low 80s, but…it really just sounded good to me!  And, it also comes w/a special challenge- something that if I don’t make it soon, might not make sense to make in the warmer months ahead bc it seems like a cold-weather thing, kinda like making a big heavy stew in July or something!

Anyway, enough being vague- today, along w/the slow-cooked roast, I’m planning to make a Yorkshire pudding.  Now, I’ve watched enough BBC shows to fully appreciate just what a Yorkshire pudding should look like, but as I’ve never even tasted one, let alone made one, the whole idea is a bit scary!  So, that’s exactly why I decided to do it- for the challenge!  I feel like lately I’ve been just making things that are…well, if not easy, not terribly tricky either.  (I mean, hello, mac & cheese?!)  And, this allegedly goes perfectly w/a roast, bc you’re meant to eat it w/gravy.  Again, not exactly weather-appropriate, but still, sounds yummy.  And, it doesn’t hurt that I just saw this recipe on the only food blog I actually read- This Week for Dinner– and it actually looked kinda do-able.  (Here’s hoping!)

I’ll be back in a bit w/an actual update- so far, nothing interesting’s going on, just slow-cooking the roast.  Which, as you know, is slow.  And kinda boring (although I am using my homemade beef stock!):

Be back once it’s Yorkshire pudding time! 🙂


Well, it’s pudding time!  (First, I have to ask the question:  why is this called pudding??  Doesn’t that mean something…liquid-ish, and not so…pastry-ish?  Can’t wrap my head around this…)  Anyway, now I’m melting/browning the butter:

While this was in the oven melting, I mixed all the ingredients in the blender:

Then, you add the blended mix to the hot, buttery pan:

Now, it goes into the oven at 450-degrees for about 25 minutes…be back soon!  I’ll admit that, at this point, I have little/no confidence in the finished product- really, what is going to come out of the oven in the end??  We’ll see! 🙂


Oh wow, this totally worked!!  I really have no faith in my…well, my ability to read a recipe and assemble ingredients, I guess, bc I doubted, but wow, it worked!  (And how sad, really, if I messed up a recipe w/four ingredients!)

All set!

This was so good- and seriously, couldn’t have been easier!  E walked in just as I took the pudding from the oven, and his reaction was pretty great- “What’s that?  It looks pretty crazy!”  That’s the fun bit! 😉

Anyway, glad I left my comfort zone, bc…this was totally worth it!

* Oh, and bc I heard the word “pudding” and couldn’t shake it from my mind, I made the kids some chocolate pudding- they were pretty happy!