I don’t know about you, but didn’t you always think of beef and broccoli as something relatively easy to make?  Oh well…we’ll see how “easy” this recipe is! 😉  (Oh, this is another one taken from Yummly.com- seriously, seeing all these great recipes/pictures show up on my Facebook newsfeed definitely motivates me to start cooking!)

There’s not too much to say about this one, so it’ll mainly just be pictures.  Here’s the beef, tossed w/cornstarch, garlic powder, and water to get a coating.  I actually lightly pounded the meat strips out once I cut ’em bc the round steak I used wasn’t thin enough.  Now, into the frying pan:

Next up, the broccoli and onion:

The beef’s back in the pan, and now the sauce mix (soy sauce, brown sugar, cornstarch, and water) gets added in:

All done!  Just serve it over some rice, and voila, there you have some homemade beef and broccoli!  Couldn’t be easier! 🙂

I would, however, probably add in less of the sauce next time- or maybe just go easy on the soy sauce.  Other than that, delicious!