The name says it all, doesn’t it- comfort food!   I’ve definitely been in the mood to eat lately (weird), and most of what I want to eat is terrible for you.  Seriously, I could probably live on cheesesteaks right about now.  But, that’s neither healthy nor cost-effective, so I’ll settle for some homemade comforts- whose ingredients caused me to walk endlessly around gigantic Wegman’s to gather (getting some exercise), and then prepare (more exercise)!  That’s how I’m choosing to see this recipe/situation, at least!

Anyway, on to the serious business- the food!  This is another recipe courtesy of  I love Yummly, more than ever now that I “liked” them on Facebook and see all the delicious recipe links they post a few times a day as their status.  The pictures always draw me in- and this one was no exception.  (Also, so did the idea of bacon- when doesn’t that pull me in?!)

So, here goes- I have the pasta boiling, the cream and seasonings heating, and I’m cooking the bacon.  In between, I’m also shredding the cheddar cheese, something new for me.  Don’t know about you, but we usually just buy pre-shredded stuff in a bag.  Gross?  Maybe.  (Or just what everyone does, who knows).  At any rate, I’ve just discovered that there’s really something cool to shredded your own- it just looks fresher and nicer!  And honestly, took 3 minutes to shred.

So good- and easy!

Now then, I’ll just keep at it for awhile, and be back in a bit w/an update!


Ok, so it’s all assembled, and ready for the oven!


So all done…and…wow, looks fantastic!

And, after the first bite- and according to my taste testers- it’s really good!!  E said it was a lot better than most mac & cheese he’s had recently- yay!  Really, why wouldn’t this be good- it has bacon in it! 😉

Y’totally should make this- yum! 🙂