This is definitely going to be a challenging recipe for me, but that’s part of the fun of the food blog, right?  I’m supposed to pick things to challenge myself now and then- and this should definitely do it.  For starters, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never made curd before, so this should be exciting.  (Honestly, the name grosses me out bc I always picture cheese curds, but I know that this is different!)

Anyway, I found this recipe a long time ago (according to where it was on my bookmarks bar), and decided to give it a try today, while the kids are away bc I won’t feel rushed.  Also, I was more inspired to do this today after running smack-into Meyer lemons at Whole Foods.  So, it’s meant to be! 🙂

So, first up: the lemon curd.  (Oh, I didn’t make this at home, but waited til I got to my parents the next day- in case you’re wondering about the pictures.)  The whole recipe doesn’t seem too time-consuming, once you’ve finished this step.  And, it’s only going to be time-consuming bc these things are little!  Going to take lots of ’em…

So pretty and sweet-smelling...

A bit time-consuming, sheesh!

Now, all the ingredients are mixed into a saucepan, and y’just start whisking- kinda reminded me of making roux w/all the constant stirring.  But, this was much nicer, as the lemon curd was ready in about 8-10 minutes.

When it’s jelly-like, it gets poured through a strainer.  Now, I’m not exactly sure what the point of the strainer is, as really nothing but a few little chunks really got sifted out.

Anyway, on to the scones!

I ended up making these at my parents house, where I had lots of helpers- which is good, bc I kinda didn’t wanna go digging around in a pile of flour and butter! 😉

Once the dry ingredients are all mixed together, you form the dough into a ball.  The recipe had a tip on making “prettier” shaped scones by forming them in a cake pan- kinda worked, I guess, but ours got a bit stuck, so we still ended up w/wonky shaped scones!  Oh well…!

Then, cut up the dough like you would a pie, and place them on a cookie sheet to bake:

After 12-15 minutes (at 425-degrees), out they came, looking crispy and brown and good:

After it cooled a bit, I spread some of the (refrigerated) lemon curd over one, and…yum!!  Really good!  My panel of taste-testers agreed (even spooning loads of lemon curd over their scones!), saying that the tartness and creaminess of the curd really went well w/the texture and taste of the scones.  So good!

Highly recommended! 🙂