I know that I’ve been on a bit of a break recently, but hopefully that will all change soon!  I think it’s the change of weather, honestly, bc last week, I think I posted nearly every day- the weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining, all was right w/the world.  This week, though, w/the ridiculous flurries today, the colder temperatures, and the general lack of sun, things have come to a halt in the creative-food-making department.  (Or, any food making, for that matter- how we’ve survived this week, I couldn’t tell you!)

But, hopefully, that will change- not bc the weather’s going to improve any time soon, but bc I’ll be “forced” to cook up all the goodies we got from our buying club this afternoon.  (Loving this, seriously!)  This week’s batch included pork chops and kielbasa (E’s pick), among the usual staples like milk, cider (totally a staple around here!), spinach and gigantic potatoes:


Anyway, there’s more to come- thanks for checking in! 🙂