First, I should probably say that I ordered each of these things on purpose, w/intentions for each.  However, each plan went terribly wrong, as the veggies that showed up were a bit…off from what I expected!  For starters (and I think I mentioned this before), I thought that Jerusalem artichokes were regular artichokes- nope, not even close!  They’re not even green! 😉  Oh well…and, the blue potatoes- I got them bc I make homemade fries for the kids, and thought they’d enjoy purple fries.  Um,well, they might have if the potatoes had been big enough to make fries with!  They’re about the size of fingerling potatoes, long and thin, but kinda knotty, so the fries were out.  On to a new plan!

After trying to make room in the fridge today for our new batch of Winter Harvest food, I decided to just bite-the-bullet and tackle the weird project I had set for myself.  Now, I’ve had the artichokes for…oh, three week now (luckily, they’re like potatoes, and last forever), and have kinda been putting off working w/them bc they look crazy and soooo difficult to peel!  And yes, they are just that- incredibly difficult to peel!

Anyway, I’d also been procrastinating w/the blue potatoes, too, bc I thought they’d be bigger- but, they’re not.  They’re tiny.  So, also hard to peel!  (Annoying).  However, tonight, I pulled out the two little monsters, and started in on the bags…

I had read that you can use Jerusalem artichokes just like potatoes- or, that you can mix them in mashed potatoes- so that’s what I’m doing.  And, I’m using mostly blue potatoes, so this should be the weirdest batch of mashed potatoes I’ve ever made!  I threw in two tiny Yukon gold potatoes just to even things out, potato taste-wise, and…we’ll see how it goes!


So, in hindsight, probably should have (bought, then) added in some sweet potatoes for a yummy orange color, bc the Yukon gold ones only made this concoction more gray when cooked, if that’s possible.  We have gray(ish) mashed potatoes everyone!  Doesn’t that sound appetizing?! 😉  Eesh, here goes nothing w/a first taste:


Gray potatoes, anyone?

Ooh, YUM, they’re delicious!!  They’re super-creepy to look at, but if you don’t look at the gray mush and just eat, they’re fantastic!

However, that said, I probably won’t finish the portion I scooped out for myself…bc they’re too gray.  Honestly, gray!  I’m thinking right now that I’ll use this mix for the fried potato pancakes we always had growing up…hmm, might be perfect bc they’ll be fried, and their color won’t matter/distract from their taste!  [Oh, the potato pancakes- we called ’em pulaskis, and after a quick Google search, think that that name might have been made up.  It’s allegedly a recipe from the Polish side of my family, so maybe that’s where the name came from?]  Anyway, more on that later- I mean, tomorrow!  I’ll work on something for tomorrow! Yay, two days in a row!

Thanks for reading!