Not terribly interesting, I guess- unless you’re me!  I had only one knife that I used all the time- so, it was always dirty and floating around in the sink whenever I needed it- and two cutting boards.  That might seem like enough, but they were usually in the dishwasher- never where I needed them!  Just got tired of searching around for these things all the time.

So, here they are- love ’em!

I ordered a new set of Henckels knives- I got these as a wedding present (over 8 years ago now!), and only have one of the original 3-pack left.  I love that knife, so I ordered the same set again.  Totally forgot just how sharp a new Henckels knife is, as I nearly lost my entire fingerprint from my left index finger while slicing an onion!  Um, wow, nice and sharp! 😉

Also- the cutting board.  I really like the bamboo boards bc they just feel softer and nicer when cutting on them.  I ordered a Wusthof board, mainly bc I think it’s a good company, and it’s the brand that my dream chef’s knife is from!  Although, w/my current track record w/new sharp knives, I think I should hold off on getting a new sharp chef’s knife- I might lose a whole finger w/one of those! (Eesh).