I had planned to make these for St. Patrick’s Day, sort of on the “pot-of-gold” theme, but after a marathon day of walking & meeting w/friends, I ended up napping all day w/the kids!

So, here they are now- really wanted to make these, bc they just seemed so cute!  Oh, and this was my own creation…bc I’m super-creative! 😉  I used a sugar cookie recipe, added some yellow food coloring, and tossed on some gold sprinkles- oh, I used the cap from the sprinkles container as my cookie cutter bc I wanted a smaller circle than my standard cookie cutter shape.  Anyway, they’re baking right now, so we’ll see how the end result turns out in about 6-8 minutes!


All done- and…well, they don’t seem “yellow” enough, or small enough.  Oh well- they’re still sugar cookies, and that’s a good thing! 🙂