*This post includes a knife-skills video!*

This is one of the first recipes I used when I started this blog, and it’s from “The Book Lover’s Cookbook,” the book that actually inspired me to start this blog.  I wanted to revisit this one, mainly bc it’s delicious, but back then, I never really included recipes that I couldn’t find online- didn’t like the idea of copying something straight out of a book and posting it.  However, bc I repeatedly say where it’s from, I don’t feel like it’s too bad, especially as it’s only one recipe here and there, and not the entire book I’m posting! 😉

So, on that note- here’s the recipe I’m planning to use.  It’s sooo good!  Even E, who hates mushrooms, had to admit that it was really good…only he admitted it later to me, after everyone we had had over had gone so that no one could hear this confession!


2 c. toasted whole-wheat or bran bread, cubed

1/2 c. black olives, diced

1/2 c. mushrooms, chopped

1/2 c. onion, diced

1/4 c. celery, diced w/leaves

1/2 t. garlic powder

1 t. thyme

1 T. fresh parsley, chopped

1/4 t. black pepper

1/2 t. salt

2 T. butter, melted


2 cloves of minced garlic mixed w/2 T. melted butter.

Chicken and Vegetables:

1 whole chicken, about 5-6 lbs

6 small red potatoes, rinsed, w/skins on

6-8 carrots, rinsed and halved


Stir all the stuffing ingredients together.  Spoon the stuffing into the cavity of the cleaned roasting chicken, and pin the body cavity shut.  Enclose any remaining stuffing in tin foil and place it inside the roasting pan w/the chicken.  Add 1/2 c. water to the pan.  Arrange the potatoes and carrots around the chicken.  Brush the basting sauce over the outside of the chicken, potatoes, and carrots.  Bake at 375-degrees according to weight (about 1 1/2 hrs).  Repeat basting of the chicken w/drippings after about 45 minutes.  Chicken is done when the thigh moves freely in socket or thigh temperature is 180-degrees.  Remove the chicken from the oven and let it sit in the pan for about 15 minutes before slicing.


So, that’s what I’m going to do!  One quick thing- I thought that chicken was done at 165-degrees?  That’s what my food thermometer says, anyway- and, that’s what I’ve been going by when roasting chicken!  Eesh- have I been undercooking our chicken?

At any rate, on to the stuffing- just tossing all the ingredients into the bowl, and mashing it together.  While I was chopping, though, i remembered that a friend had asked about the knife-skills class I had taken awhile back, wanting to learn more about certain techniques.  I’m a pretty terrible teacher, as I realized after I made a video of my chopping bc it looks like I’m going to chop off my fingertips at any moment bc I hold my left hand incorrectly!  Oh well- here’s a quick video, and then I’ll explain:

So, you’re supposed to 1) always cut something flat and not rounded, which is why I sliced the celery first, to get a flat edge, and 2) the hand that holds the celery still is supposed to be cupped almost, tucking in the fingertips- mine were flat out, but I go pretty slow, and am watching them the whole time!  Anyway, the chopping motion is pretty easy, once you get it- just back and forth in one smooth motion, no abrupt chopping.  Oh, also- the teacher told me to always keep my entire hand around the knife, and not to let my first finger come out and rest on the top of the blade- that’s not good control, apparently.  Anyway, just wanted to share that! (Oh, hope you enjoyed my ridiculous pregnant stomach!  Didn’t realize how funny a video would look from popped-out belly-button angle!)

Back to the stuffing!  Everything’s in, and it’s all mixed, so that gets set aside.

Now, the chicken needs to get into the oven- but first, I have to stuff it.  This grosses me out almost as much as the deveining did the other day but for different reasons: let’s remove something’s insides and then fill up the emptied cavity w/food!  (Yuck).  However, I love the taste of stuffing, so here goes!

All filled and twined-up!

Surrounded by potatoes and carrots, basted, and ready to cook!

Be back in…an hour and a half!


All done, and it looks delicious!  I forgot to take a picture before carving, so…here’s E chopping away at it! 😉

Love this meal- enjoy!  🙂