I found this recipe on Tablespoon.com (no idea where I found that site!), and it’s not really a “recipe” bc it’s just about the easiest thing you can think of- and, I’m regretting that I’m making it even easier by not having fresh basil on hand, opting to use the dried stuff when I made my shopping list.  Oh well- on w/the cooking!

I’ve never used Buitoni products before, mainly bc they’re really small portions for the price, and we live pretty close to the Italian Market where you can get all the fresh pasta you could ask for.  At any rate, being on a mission to be quick and organized when shopping the other day, I chose this pack of tortellini and was back on my way, speedily shopping through a packed-out ShopRite (ugh).

While that’s cooking, I’ll start on the “sauce.”  Again, I use the quotes bc it’s really a can of plain sauce w/some extra touches- fresh tomatoes and stuff, nothin’ fancy.  But, this is where it might have been made a bit more fancy, had I bought some basil. (Can’t wait til our garden is up and running, and we have our fresh basil plants back in!)

And…after they’re both finished, assemble sauce over pasta, and voila!  Tortellini w/fresh tomato sauce!  I’m also throwing in the ever-special garlic bread slices…super-fancy on honey wheat sandwich bread!  Oh well- the tortellini looks delicious, and I’m sure this meal will be great! 🙂  (Also, the 15 minutes from start to finish doesn’t hurt either!)

Enjoy an easy Tuesday night meal!