I’m back- and am pretty excited about the recipes for today!  I’m planning to make homemade salsa (for chips and salsa), and then quesadillas de camarones (shrimp) for our meal.  This should be fun since a) I’ll finally get to use the fancy new food processor I got back in December, and b) I’m getting to use two of The Pioneer Woman‘s recipes!  I’ve got a ton of hers bookmarked, but haven’t used any yet- but, tonight’s the night!

Really quick- look at this processor!  My cousin works at QVC, and got me a great deal (ie, great discount!) on this massive monster- love it! 🙂

Anyway, first up: the salsa.  I’m not going to post too many pictures of the steps bc if you really wanna see some good step-by-step shots, click the salsa recipe link (above)…her site’s great! (And, so is her camera!)  But still, here are a few from my salsa-making:

All done! 🙂

After the first taste, I do think that I may have added in a bit too much cilantro- I’m not really a huge cilantro fan, so I may add in something else, some more onions or something.  We’ll see.  But, the consistency is really great- E loves salsa to be more runny than chunky, so this should be perfect!

I’ll be back in a bit when I start in on the quesadillas- closer to actual dinner time, as those cook pretty quickly, and won’t really last that long once cooked!

Be back!


Now, on to the quesadillas (that’s a tough word to type, just sayin’!).

The first step is to peel/devein the shrimp- ugh.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of deveining something is pretty disgusting!  And time-consuming.

Oh my...

Still, I did it, and now the shrimp are all ready and in a bowl w/the red sauce.

Next, chopping up the veggies, and then sauteeing them:

Once that finished, it was time to start on cooking the shrimp:


...and after

Then, you remove the shrimp from the pan, and chop ’em into bite-size pieces.  Now, assembling the quesadillas:

Tortilla, then cheese, veggies, shrimp, and...more cheese, followed by a tortilla on top

All done!

E chopping up the quesadillas

I don’t know why, but this chip & dip bowl made me laugh- it’s not something we really use (ever), but I thought I’d bust it out today for the special salsa occasion.  🙂

Oh- the salsa got rave reviews from E.  Glad I didn’t mess w/the ingredients after tasting it!

Anyway, all in all, a very yummy meal- and, one that really didn’t take too much time.  The clean-up, however…that will be a bit more involved- I’m a messy cook, apparently!