This is another one of the things that was on my to-do list for the new year, and even though it’s only March, and I’ve made stock before, I feel like I’ve been putting it off a bit bc…it scares me.  The idea of using big, intense cow bones is a bit more terrifying than working w/the more familiar chicken parts.  Ack.

But, to inspire some beef stock-making, I ordered soup and marrow bones in our last order w/Winter Harvest, and they came in yesterday.  So now I’m stuck- I have to do it! 😉  I’m actually planning to do it tonight- another glamorous Friday night over here- so I’ll keep you all posted on the progress.

(Side note:  I’m really happy that I’ve learned to make stock, bc it is sooo much better in recipes!  The chicken stock, for instance- wow, the flavor is just delicious!)

Anyway, be back!


I’m going to work from a recipe from (there’s a stock recipe in the Cooking School cookbook, but it seemed more involved than I wanted right now).  I had no idea what kind of veggies to include when making beef stock, so this was pretty helpful, and it’s almost the same as chicken stock.

Anyway, step #1:  simmer the bones for about an hour.  That’s where we are right now- I just added the bones in to the giant stock pot, and covered them over w/water.  Seriously, doesn’t this look more intense than using just regular ol’ chicken??

The marrow bones

Soup and marrow bones

Water added to cover the bones:

So, be back in a bit!


Next, I added in carrots, celery, a bay leaf, and seasoned w/salt and pepper.  Then, I toasted the onion (no idea why, just following the recipe!) for a bit in the broiler, and added that into the pot as well.  I also added in a parsnip, 2 garlic cloves, and some parsley, based on another recipe I was planning to use for stock- just sounded good to add them.

Now, it simmers for two more hours…


So, it’s all finished, and…I’m a bit scared.  I think that there might not have been enough meat- there seemed to be loads on the soup bones, but now the color of the stock is rather light, and it tastes a bit, what’s the word, kinda strong.  I’m not sure what to do w/this- maybe add some beef cubes to the crock pot tomorrow, make a broth from that, and then add that to the stock that’s in the fridge?  (Might do that…)  I’m afraid that I’ll be waking up to an aspic tomorrow morning! 😉  (Ew.)

Anyway, here’s the finished product:

And, all skimmed and ready for the fridge:

I’ll try and update this tomorrow- how the flavor is, if I’ve had to add in more meat…we’ll see! 🙂


*Beef Stock Update*

So, the next morning, I skimmed off the fat (much easier to do than w/the chicken fat), set it back on the stove, and added in about a pound of fatty chuck roast.  Now it’s smelling good and meaty!  I was worried that, if I had used the stock as-is, that it would have changed the flavor of just about anything I was making, that it was too…marrow-y, if you can imagine.  It was just too intense.  I’ll probably simmer this now for about 2-3 hours, remove the meat, and put it back in the fridge; tomorrow, I’ll package it up into useable sizes.

All said and done, this really wasn’t so hard- just kinda tricky getting the ratios right.

Thanks for reading about my craziness! 🙂