Another recipe, courtesy of my Cooking Light cookbook- seriously, their pictures!  They could probably make me wanna eat…sushi, the pictures are so good! 😉  (I hate sushi).

Anyway, I’ve really been wanting scallops, so this recipe looked good- and easy.  It’s in the “Superfast 20 Minute Dishes” section. Perfect!

The linguine is cooking, and I’m chopping basil- is there anything more delicious than the smell of fresh basil?  Yum!


Be back in a bit!


(On a side note- why do I try recipes that involve cheese?  I don’t like cheese, and wow, Romano has a…distinct smell.  Kinda strong.  Ack, only using a tiny bit of this stuff! 😉


So, it’s all done, and…hmm.  The cheese, it’s all I can smell!

But first, the steps:

Linguine w/Romano cheese, basil, and olive oil

This totally made me laugh- as I was assembling this, I thought “wow, this looks like a really cheap dinner.”  Not cheap, price-wise exactly, but more cheap like…at a bad restaurant!

And, the taste didn’t blow me away, either- the scallops were good, but the linguine and general flavor were weak.  Would have been more yummy w/a sauce, rather than the cheese tossed in.

Anyway, when E tasted it, he agreed w/my cheap restaurant meal, so far as the appearance went- and, he walked in 5 minutes after I finished this, so his was a bit cold.  (Ew.)  We had a few laughs over this one, bc there are so many other good recipes w/scallops- I probably wouldn’t ever make this again- or, use Romano cheese, now that I know what it is! 😉

Oh, E’s quote about the meal:  “It’s like a dish for retiree’s at a diner at the shore.”  Yep, pretty much sums it up!