I know that I’ve posted on making a king cake last year, but I don’t think I even put up pictures last time- just said that it went ok.  (And yea, really, ok was the best word, bc it never really rose, so the dough was way too dense and heavy.)

Anyway, I’m attempting it again this year- it’s Mardi Gras season, after all!  Hopefully, all will go well in the yeast/rising department, and we’ll have a much more fluffy king cake.  We will see…

Right now, I’ve made the dough, and it’s allegedly going to rise for the next two hours.  (Fingers crossed!)

I’ve been following this recipe, and it tasted really good last year- just had trouble w/the rising bit.  I know it’s a good recipe, bc other friends have used it, too, and have had success w/it.  Anyway, can’t wait to see how this goes! 🙂  Be back in a bit w/an update!

(Oh, for more info on just what a king cake is and a bit of history, click here.  We totally fell in love w/them in New Orleans, and I still dream about them all the time, probably bc they’re delicious, and bc they remind me of New Orleans!  I’ve even ordered one from a great bakery there- Haydel’s-for the weekend before Mardi Gras).


So, it’s risen a bit- not quite doubled in size, but I’m willing to take what I can get.  This was already much better than last year’s attempt!  (I think I may have killed my yeast last time, but that’s another story).

Next step- making the filling.  It’s one-pound of cream cheese (this is super-healthy, I forgot to mention!) and one cup of powdered sugar.

Then, you stretch out your dough into a long rectangle, about 30×6.  After that, spread the filling on the bottom side of the dough, and fold the other side over and seal it up:

Then, shape the dough into a circle, and seal up the edges:

Next, transfer dough to a parchment-lined baking sheet.  At this point, you’re supposed to add in the plastic baby (more on that later), but I usually add it in when it’s all cooked- I just don’t trust that it won’t melt! 😉

Now, it has to rise some more- about 45 minutes.  Then, it’s in to the oven!  Be back soon!


Sadly, it hasn’t really changed much, despite the recipe saying it should have nearly doubled in size by now.  Krikey…oh well, into the oven it goes.  Nothing to be done at this point- we’ll see when it’s all finished…

Well, it’s risen a bit in the oven:

Now it just has to cool…then, the icing! 🙂


Well, icing’s on, the sprinkles (in Mardi Gras colors) are on…one thing left to do:  taste it!  I might cut it up beforehand (I’m planning to bring it to Sunday School as our dessert), and if I try it at home, I’ll hopefully avoid last year’s dense cake mess.  Or, I’ll just wait and see what E thinks.  Hmm.  Tricky.


Time for Sprinkles!


Also, I’ll bring the plastic baby w/me regardless to slip into the cake/someone’s piece.  So, about that- it’s tradition that there’s a baby in the cake to represent Baby Jesus:

As this whole king cake thing is based on the Catholic calendar, the baby is meant to bring attention back to the start of Lent. For us, though, it’s just fun, bc whoever gets the baby is “king” for the year- and, if in the South, would be responsible for making/bringing the cake next year.

At any rate, a seemingly-successful king cake! 🙂  (I’ll update how it actually tasted later on!)


*Tasting Update*

We took the king cake to Sunday School this morning, and it was delicious!   A good thing to know- if you think a cake will be too dense, make sure to use lots of the filling!  Totally softened it up, and was super good! 😉

And, I think people agreed- nearly finished it all!  (The kids were happy that it wasn’t all gone- they got the leftover pieces!)

Oh, and E got the baby w/the first piece- I clearly didn’t hide it well enough!