It’s not a new post about cottage pie (shepherd’s pie w/beef instead of lamb)- even though that’s what we’re having tonight- but I just wanted to check in.  It’s been awhile!

I’ve been feeling really…ugh, what’s the word- exhausted, moody, tired, crabby, more tired (!), the list goes on, thanks to baby #3- or, so I thought!  I’ve been blaming all this on baby #3, but as it turns out, it may have partially been my old prenatal vitamin, too!  I just bought a new brand, and it’s only been a few days, but already, I’m down to ONE cup of coffee a day, and don’t even miss the afternoon cup that I used to depend on!  Before the vitamin switch, I was literally dying by 1, would nap w/the kids, and then would be useless for dinner.  Now, not the case!  Does this make sense- anyone else have an experience like this?

At any rate, I’m more interested in cooking (and cleaning, too- things are looking up around here!), so there will be more regular posting hopefully.  Tonight, though, I just started looking through old blog entries for ideas, and realized that I haven’t made this meal in a long time- yum!

Thanks for checking in- more to come! 🙂