So…after a long break, nothing terribly fancy to report- just some chocolate chip bars.  But, despite their non-fanciness, they smell sooo good, and now the house smells like yummy cookies, rather than the salmon and Brussels sprouts that we had for dinner tonight! 😉

Anyway, E is going away for the weekend w/family and friends for his brother’s bachelor party (skiing), and he asked me to make these.  It’s funny, bc he said it like it was something I make all the time- for the record, I’ve never made these, so I’m hoping all goes well!

They’re baking right now, and are nearly finished- I totally wanna eat ’em.  After all, someone should do a taste-test, right?

I used a recipe from a site called, which sounded fun, and it was pretty easy- it’s only a giant cookie, after all:

All done!

Success! 🙂  Enjoy!

Now, just have to make another batch…one more batch I can’t eat!  Hmm…maybe just one tiny bit that no one will notice…!