I saw a yummy recipe on Yummly.com the other day, and wanted to make it for Valentine’s Day- red velvet cheesecake brownies!  I’m calling mine pink bc I only had pink food coloring- but once you mix in the dark chocolate, it seemed a lot darker than the pink I started w/, which is a good thing, bc wow, that was bright!

Anyway, I started out by making the brownies:

Melting the butter and chocolate...ew.

Crazy-pink before the chocolate...

...And after, nice and normal!

Into the foiled/greased pan...does this seem right?

And now, the cheesecake mix- pretty easy.  But now, I’m feeling pretty nervous at this point- the mxing of the two recipes:

Cheesecake "dollops"

All set? (So nervous)

Oh well…not feeling too great about the final product, I have to say!  I think the foil-lined pan is really throwing me, bc for some reason, even if I think the cake/brownie will work out, I’m scared that it’ll get stuck and smushed on the foil.  Also, is that even what the recipe meant:  line a pan w/foil and lightly grease?  Really?  Ugh, the doubts…

Anyway, now we wait- it should be in the oven for about 35-40 minutes.  Hopefully, I won’t have to report a baking disaster! 😉


Ooh, yum!!  They smell delicious- just like cheesecake!  I won’t be able to taste it until tonight- we’re having dinner w/friends, and we were in charge of dessert, but it seems pretty good!  And, the mix pulled away a bit from the foil, so that doesn’t seem like it’ll interfere w/anything when we try to get it out of the pan.  Overall- yay! 🙂