So, now that it’s been a week, I think it’s safe to say that I’m on a bit of a break!  😉

I’m not really sure why, but I just haven’t needed to do much cooking lately, and once I don’t cook for a day or two, I naturally (read, lazily) start looking for the easiest, least-involved things for us to eat,…which means that we’ve been living on things like tuna, or lunchmeat, or leftover take-out food.  Good stuff like that.

Anyway, as another round of Winter Harvest produce/meat is due in tomorrow, I think I’ll try to break out of my non-cooking habit, and get back to it!  I defrosted the beef cubes for a beef stew, but that’s hardly something to post, especially bc I think I may have already done so a few times!  But that’s what’s on the menu for tomorrow, at any rate.  And then, I’ll do more stock, but again, not something you all wanna keep hearing about, so…I’ll have to get creative!

Oh- on that note, I might actually have something “creative” to post coming up- I ordered artichokes in this last batch from the buying club.  I have a friend who loves artichokes (and practically ate her weight in them when she was pregnant!), so I’m planning on using her recipe for artichokes and dip pretty soon- just to see what all the fuss is about, really.  I’ve never tried them before, so for a few bucks, it’s worth the experiment.

So, w/that, I’ll get back to thumbing through the Martha Stewart Cooking School book again- trying to spur on a resolution to start cooking again- and hopefully get back to the blog in a few days!

Please check back soon! 🙂