I picked up our produce/meat from the Winter Harvest today, and am overall really happy w/our purchases- I say ‘overall’ bc…they forgot our chicken backs!  The one, super-weird thing that I was kinda looking forward to (as I need to make stock soon) was left out of our order- well, it was on the order, but didn’t end up at the pickup.  Kinda sad.

Anyway, the rest of it was there, and looked great!  We ordered milk, eggs, ground beef, beef cubes (for stew), a whole chicken, apples, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and carrots:

And seriously, are these not the biggest carrots you’ve ever seen??  Sheesh- one of these monsters should be fine for my whole stew!

So, I have one more order to pick up next week (that I placed about two weeks ago), and I have to make a new one tomorrow, for the remaining weeks in February.  It’s kinda fun- even for me, the most unorganized person in the world!  By sticking to things we usually use, and not really planning on actual set menus yet, it seems easy.  I am, however, going to try to work out getting andouille in for the weekend before Mardi Gras to make gumbo- let’s see how good my planning/ordering is! 😉