Bc we’ve been “not eating meat” (ish) for a bit, I need to toss a very meaty meal in every now and then- bc I miss it!  So, here we go- flank steak.  Or, honestly, it could be any steak in general- just so long as it’s steak!

I found this recipe on (surprise, surprise) CookingLight.com- again, bc I was going through my Cooking Light cookbook, under “February,” and found this.  Sounded good/easy.

Starting w/broiling the steak:

While that was cooking, I worked on the topping- couldn’t have been quicker, honestly- garlic, a hot pepper, and some grape tomatoes:

I flipped the steak, and started on the orzo as a side.  Then, the steak was done- I sliced it, added the topping, some orzo, and some spinach.  Tada! 🙂