I feel like the theme of the blog this year is definitely ‘homemade’!  But, I’ve made a list of goals, and most of the goals were to handmake/homemake the things that we usually buy- and, next up, ravioli.

We usually have ravioli once a week, bc they’re good/easy, and I’ve always wanted to make them.  They don’t really seem that hard to make, right?  So, tonight, I’m giving ’em a try!

I found a recipe online, which was actually trickier than I would have thought.  Most either rely on a mixer w/a dough hook (don’t have one), or they intend to use a pasta machine (don’t have one).  Do you really need these, just for ravioli?  Meh, doesn’t seem like it.  Anyway, I found a recipe that uses only your hands and a rolling pin (have those!), so here goes!

First step- mixing up the dough.  This is actually tougher than I thought- the dough gets really hard!  I added a smidge of water, too, to the mix, bc I could not get the dough to really stick together, even w/the oil to help moisten things up.

I watched a few videos, and in all of them, the mixing was done on the counter.  So…that’s what I did, too.  I used a mix of all-purpose flour (2 cups) and semolina (1 cup):

I made a “well” in the middle of the dough (as per numerous videos), and added in the eggs and salt:


It’s all finished, and sitting in a bowl on the counter for the next 20 minutes.

While this is sitting, I’ve starting working on the filling- I’m using a 3-cheese one from FoodNetwork.com.  I’ve added in a 15-oz container of ricotta, about 8-oz shredded mozzarella, and sprinkles of grated Parmesan as I go.  I’ve also added in some parsley and black pepper, just bc it looked too boring, just being white and smushy!

Now, the filling of my little ravioli ‘sheets’- pretty easy.  Take 1 tsp of the cheese mix, add it the middle of one piece of ravioli, add a top piece, and seal it w/an egg wash before you crimp it shut.  Easy!

I’m going to pack some away already, for a future meal, and save tonight’s batch in the fridge.  Be back later for the cooking!


Ha!  Just realized that I never updated this post last night!  😉

So, the ravioli were really good- the filling, especially- but I think I need to find another dough recipe.  The dough remained sort of…hard, well, not hard, but didn’t really soften up in the water as well as it should have, so they were a bit tough.  Apart from that, E seemed really impressed that I had actually made them!