I’m not sure why this recipe appealed to me as much as it did- maybe it was the pretty photo on the Williams Sonoma website. Maybe it was the simplicity- only three ingredients!  Or, maybe it was the chance to eat loads of pastry, while kinda pretending that I was being good bc I was also eating apples.

Whatever the real reason, I decided to make an apple tart- and even though I haven’t tasted it yet, it smells soooo good!

I bought the puff pastry, as instructed in the recipe, bc after looking up recipe after recipe on how to make it, I came away w/the understanding that it might actually be too difficult at this stage in my baking experience.  I mean, most sites labeled it as “difficult.”  So, I steered clear, and just grabbed one from Whole Foods’ freezer section!

I stretched it out over parchment paper, and put it in the freezer for a few minutes.

Then I started on the apples.  Slicing up just two apples is pretty quick work!  I took the pastry from the freezer, sprinkled it w/sugar, and arranged the apples. Then, coated it w/a little bit more sugar:

Now, into the oven!

And, here we are- nearly bubbling and smelling delicious!


Now that it’s all cooled, I’m going in for a taste!


I’m in love, this is so good!  The puff pastry is flaky and buttery, and the apples/sugar are so crisp and sweet…wow, delicious!  However, I would cut back on the sugar next time.  But you could do so many things w/this- like use brown sugar, or add dashes of cinnamon, bc it’s almost like apple pie.  I also wouldn’t really call this a dessert- it’s more of a breakfast/brunch(y) dish bc the pastry is so croissant-like.

Wow, I just can’t believe that this took about 20 minutes!