I first heard about this cook book from a family member- she was giving it to E’s sister for Christmas.  I thumbed through it on Christmas, and was completely in love.  So, I requested it from the library- and, was told that it would be available sometime in March!  (What??  Who can check out a book for that long- from December to March?)

Anyway, I found it super-cheap on Amazon, and used a $20 gift card, so it was virtually free- and, now it’s mine, and not the library’s!  And, it just came today!

It’s just such an amazing book- I’m drooling in anticipation already, seriously!  There’s nothing not included in this book, I don’t think!  Just about anything I’d ever wanna learn/try is here, step-by-step, w/pictures- doesn’t get better than that!

It’s such a huge monster, at about 450 pages, but really, the things she talks about, the how-tos, the recipes, the storing advice…I couldn’t be happier!  (Bc I’m a nerd).


Oh, also- my Christmas gift this year (from E’s family pollyanna) was pretty great, too.  His Dad gave me a sauce pot and steamer, something I didn’t have, and instantly loved.  It’s the perfect-sized pot to use all the time, has a steamer basket, and a lid, and…it’s adorable, I love it!

Anyway, just wanted to share my latest “kitchen-related” purchase (and fun Christmas gift) w/you all- thanks for reading!